Trump Bans Transgender Folk from the US Military

Aha, this is it! The moment the left has been waiting for. The very decision Trump has made that will END HIM! …Or so you would have thought by the enraged tweets on the 26th of July when Trump first announced his banning of the transgender community from the military.

When I first read this, I decided to hold myself from forming an opinion until I had really seen what people thought. Hear out the arguments from both sides via social media and reaching out to a few friends. Here is what I heard:

My left-leaning friends:

It’s Transphobic!

This is just like Hitler – he is invoking more inequality!

My right-leaning friends:

It costs so much money, and why are they trying to flaunt sexuality in the military?

You are there to defend freedoms, not discuss penis removal!

I’ll be honest, neither side really had a winning argument from the social media and phone calls I shared. I at least had some opinions to work from, though, so then I spent time looking into the cost of these transgender folk to the US military. It looks like an increase of $2.4 – 8.4 million would be seen in healthcare costs due to the transgender members of the military. That is a drop in the bucket, given the budget is $824.7 billion for the military’s fiscal year of 2018. Considering there are around 1,030,000 soldiers in the whole of US defense forces, and some 1,320 – 6630 transgender members within that, why cause a fuss at all?

The argument of they will not be up to operational standards is one I am hearing from the right, and the left continues to spout out equality. I am not fully convinced of either side, but I do have a hunch as to what the military is doing through Trump in this.

I do not believe Trump really minds those few million dollars put into the transgender healthcare costs. I also do not think Trump hates the transgender community. I think this is classical Trump – one of the reasons he got into office. He does not stand for social conformity by its cultural Marxism.

Donald Trump is one politician who is not really a politician. He is likely feeling the pressure that many of us on the ground level are feeling, and it is always from the left. The left wants to change the fundamentals of America, and we see this by Obama’s first inauguration speech: “We are five days away from fundamentally changing the United States of America.”

America was put in place as a structure for individuals to achieve their personal pursuit of happiness; not to impose their ideas of happiness on others through the government’s position of power. What Trump has done here is definitely going to get a lot of blind hate and support, of which I will not support the specifics to his decision. That is because the heart of it – standing up against cultural Marxism and for personal freedoms – is what I will support until the day I die.

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