Cal-Exit Could Save the Other 49 States

The Golden State… maybe soon to be the Lone-Golden State?

California is taking the proposition to secede from the rest of the United States to the next level by opening it up to the voters in the 2018 ballot. Rather than a strict secession, they are proposing “more autonomy from the federal government.”

Does that sound familiar to you?

We all know that means they’re easing the population into the idea, but it also sounds like California is trying to uphold the rights of individual states. Working to get out from under the overwhelmingly large federal government. One, mind you, that their voting demographic has helped to create, enlarge and enforce over the course of its existence. Of course they would want that freedom for themselves, but not universally across the nation so much, so rather than changing what is clearly not working, they just run away from their problems. Does this sound familiar, too?

All of the poking at liberals aside, I do admit that this is a good thing. If they do separate from the other 49 states, it will restore a power to the conservative vote and possibly continue to lessen the overbearing regulations on everyday life. Businesses can breathe, families can grow, and individuals can more likely achieve dreams once again.

The crazy thought of a state actually following through with a secession from the United States is a daunting one to grasp though. The youngest American state today is Hawaii, founded in August of 1959, so there are people living who have experienced gaining a state. Losing a state, however, is an experience that has not been experienced in our long history. There have been changes made, but a true loss like what this may become someday is not something that has happened.

Of course, this would not doom all the citizens of California, as they could easily remain an American citizen by leaving beforehand if desired; this is something seen by the Brexit concepts right now. Also, those who may want to leave America could easily move to California before the secession.

This brings the question of a soft or a hard exit up. Soft is typically drug out, allowing time to fill out and file the appropriate papers and make legal and business amends, but it also opens up for the entities to sabotage one another. A hard exit is hurried and can be sloppy, but it also does not allow time for the intention to change. It keeps the momentum high and allows those for and against to work under the hype of the moment, and maximize the extraction form the dynamism in the cultural shift. I find the hard exit the least favorable in the eyes of our sensitive society, but more beneficial by all measurable socioeconomic standards.

In the end, I’m glad to see Californians beginning to realize the benefits of state’s rights and I hope they can get what they want with this. Their liberal policies of increasing taxes in order to cover overhead costs and payouts will only hurt themselves, not the 49 other states that have a higher population opposed to this form of government being forced to pay for it. The selfish factors being to increase the red voting block and to experience seeing the removal of a state from the United States of America. On the other hand, the selfless factors are to maybe one day see America restored – to truly see America great again.

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