SJW P&G: “The Talk”

The new Social Justice war cry has not exactly gone viral, hitting only 120K views in 1 week since the post, but is sure shines a light on society's issues today. The video in question, seen here, was posted late July by Procter and Gamble and has a few major themes that reign true throughout the whole message.

Firstly, the fathers are silently in the background or off to the side in any included scene. The statistics of fatherless black homes are abnormally high, more so than any other race in the country. That very fact makes this piece of the video look to be a plea for approval by "presenting hope" instead of the truth. Wanting approval by "sympathizing" instead of offering true help.

Next, there are multiple scenes depicting adults warning the young blacks to "bring their ID… in case they're pulled over," and one scene that goes into more detail on this. It is a mother and her daughter, who is just beginning to drive, and the mom warns her of "when" she gets pulled over, not "if." Furthermore, she says "it's a matter of you coming home(implying lawless death)." You see, this is not only painting the police officers as the enemy, justifying any possible violent responses, but further places a hateful divide in the racial tensions today.

The dialogue that ad campaigns like these are spreading rampantly are not talking about race – though they cleverly title them "The Talk" – because they are implanting assumptions. Instead of discussing the relevant options to fix things, they tell you it is hopeless. You see, this hopelessness only invokes hate in the minds of those with an ounce of victim mentality, but also a call to defend their people. I would do the same thing, and will be in watching where my dollar is spent by this very video. (Hint: less Old Spice)

I believe that it is due to these "harmless" iterations of the "family struggle in America due to race relations" that cause the most violence. There is now an icon of people without defense needing defended, and nothing but those undefended to lose. Why wouldn't Black Lives Matter become aggressive then, when by the social discourse, they have nowhere to turn? Drugs, a life of crime and violence are not only justified, but now even praised – all with a surprisingly well pieced together ad for soaps.

Fact is, all races have been discriminated upon, and are in their own unique way exposed to the harshness of life that is prejudice. We all have preconceived notions, some more intrinsic than others, and this video is only bringing to light the differences in a shameful manner, not in any way to bring resolution. If bringing equality is the goal, then why not include all of the other oppressed races in this great country? Even the whites endure hate, who have become eligible for hate in society. However when they are, there are no campaigns to "talk" about theirs, but rather pawned off as "kids being kids" such as in the four blacks scalping a mentally disabled white teen(Yeah Mainstream Media, the people haven't forgotten that one…)

In the end, this is merely a soft version of Black Lives Matter. We know black lives do matter, to assume the majority of whites or other races do not think so is intrinsically racist. However, for any consumer goods industry marketer to look at this and think "yeah, that will sell our product!" has got to be kidding themselves. It felt more like a movie trailer than a commercial anyways, and it only will make me look at my labels more consciously from now on… Because as a white male myself, with people calling me racist and hating on me for my European heritage, I will not support blatant anti-white propaganda pieces such as this.

P&G, please continue what you have always done – just make solid products. 

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