Korean War 2.0?

North Korea already has functioning prototypes for multistage missiles.

North Korea already ignores the needs of their own citizens.

North Korea already threatens its neighboring countries and hates the United States.

Sounds like a recipe for disaster, if that recipe was 60% or more body fat, hardly five and a half feet tall and as dull as a box of rocks.

North Korea is the one place in the world that does not threaten with poetic means, but directly says what they are going to do. Or at least hope they would do, because as of now they have more failed attempts at successful missile launches than threats given. They are, however, testing the missiles still and giving threats. What is the United States to do?

For starters, less hate for the president regarding Social Justice, and more focus on preserving our freedoms. Preserving them in the wisest of means, of course.

The UN has declared that military intervention against North Korea is still on the table, but the UN jumping into battle would mean that the US would be in the lead of it. The response from the US has been Trump’s statement that he is considering “some very severe thing” to the most recent North Korean missile launch.

The non-aggression principle(NAP) is not valuable if in an extreme practice of the NAP, an enemy becomes a true threat without any deterrence. The concept of respecting North Korea for their “sovereignty” as a nation is illogical, as the entire planet now knows that they are slaves – not citizens. We would not be “wrong” to preemptively defend ourselves as a country, but we would not be wise, with China being relatively tight to North Korea, all things considered.

The Trump-Russia collusion is crumbling (finally), so now it is time to focus on real international relations. Ignoring China’s cuddle session with North Korea, and North Korea threatening the US and its allies cannot be reasonably tolerated. Sending over soldiers and invoking war in the backyard of China, only to have another major force on edge is not wise – but neither is doing nothing in hopeful patience. We must ensure that the president and his top generals are truly mulling this over, and appropriately encourage him to keep it on the table, such as the UN has said.

I do not want to enter another war, but if it can mean true safety to our borders from Inter-Continental Ballistic Missiles and prevent a larger war, then perhaps the president will see this as a higher priority. Meanwhile, there are many more domestic disturbances to be working on

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