Arrogance in Socialism: It’s more man, less God

Next to all of the whining and complaining about “inequality," and with such little effort put into true solutions for it, “Democratic Socialism” is one of the hot buzzwords among the left right now. Socialism in general is often spoken of in left-leaning circles, which means that it encompasses most circles now with the continual paradigm shift leftward. Defining it does not matter, of course, only blindly following it in hopes that it will put to rest the aforementioned complaints of “inequality.”

Socialism in various forms can be seen functioning and failing in the world. It has functioned relatively well in colder climates dominated by higher concentrations of Europeans. Scandinavia, for instance, was where the Bernie Sanders supporters tried to point a finger towards success before the DNC screwed that whole party over in favor of Hillary Clinton. They eventually dropped it, and I think part of the reason is because of this “purity” as they might put it, which I will cover in a moment.

Scandinavia is full of whites, but more than just that, it is full of a prideful, hardworking people with a regulatory framework for self-sufficiency, ancestral/cultural pride and social accountability – even more so than the average European descendant may have today. This was well instilled into them as a people before they ever implemented their social welfare programs, so it was not heavily used or easily abused, as the people respected autonomy. The concept of living healthily was expected, spending wisely to save or invest the remainder were economic properties found in nearly every home, and until the past two decades, marriages were strong.

It was in the past two decades that we also saw a rise in their multi-ethnic policies, watering down the "purity," however subtle they may have been. With a new group of people coming into a country that has relatively generous welfare programs, but not the mind to respect them, it is only logical for the newcomers to enjoy the fruits of their newfound country. This is a part of the problem with socialism in Venezuela, as it shows to not be a majority of people who have the self-regulatory framework required to maintain a national welfare program. Good intentions quickly become grabs for power from the orchestrators and abuse for the free-money by the labor force.

Here in America, we do have a very liberal economy when it comes to welfare programs, with healthcare and the welfare state being our big blunders. We would quickly become an example of Venezuela if we continue on this path, and not because we do not have the determination to make it work, but because we are a heavily multi-ethnic state. We have many peoples, each with their own heritage to uphold, and attempting to bring them all together under “one nation” is impossible, even with aggressive action used to enforce it. We simply cannot all agree, because down to the very heart of it, we are not wired in such a way.

Similar political ideologies and education all may appear to help, but what they do is blur the lines. Those factors only put us on a similar soap box and make it look like we are on the same page, but once we get down to the nitty-gritty, there are more differences to discover that will only crumble the social institutions. For us to then stand up and claim that other succeeding factors to socialist states are “good and authentic,” but the failing ones are “bad and not true socialism” is intrinsically arrogant. To assume that we might know all of the factors to formulate a functioning socialist economy is not a wise trail to head down.

This arrogance does not only further our immersion into the growing multi-ethnic nation, denying to uphold and preserve our ancestors works, but also separates us from the Church. It puts an extra layer of stone around our hearts by acting on means of solutions through taxation and government, that we ourselves conjure up, rather than on the God who we claim to be under as a nation. For shame, to my people, and for myself when I fall into the habit at times of self-arrogance as well. Here’s to getting back to this autonomous way and upholding the heritage that our ancestors have fought with blood, sweat and tears over many generations for. Through humility, evidence and reason, let us get back to God and away from the “ways of equality” that tempt the world today so strongly.

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