Church slanders Charlottesville, Unite The Right

This Saturday (August 12, 2017) marked an interesting day for the European heritage and Christianity alike. Just a few hours before, on the night of the 11th, the Alt-Right rally gathered to bring light to their desires for the Robert E. Lee statue – a token of American history – to not be removed.

Peaceful protest was the goal.

As of today, the aftermath has been cleverly edited and spun to only point the political finger at those gathering for this cause; to make them appear as something they are not. This attempt by the Mainstream Media to paint the protesters as “evil” is working on the general populace as it generally does, because the political field has become hyper-reactionary and anti-white as a whole. This does not disappoint me quite as much, for the Mainstream Media is increasingly becoming known for this, therefore it did not come as a shock. No, what has me disappointed are the reactions from the church.

Words like “disgusting” and “disgraceful” are being thrown at one another from the larger church audience. Misunderstanding and virtue signaling across the board, particularly from those looking to be agreeable. Rather than looking towards our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, we have wasted resources on furthering our division. Derogatory names shouted and friendships terminated, all in the name of diversity.

Diversity has never been a foreign concept to members of the Christian faith, as in it people of all origins share an identity in the eternal love of Christ. However diversity in the race’s by decreasing physical distance is new to public approval and favor, even among the church. This encouragement for closer proximity among many races and cultures has muddied the waters. No longer is anyone “someone,” they are “among many someones.” We can see this with younger generations latching onto various subcultures that glorify particular qualities which are less than virtuous, and the increasing depression in a society that continues to become more materialistic and focused on social status.

Why, then, is the church abandoning its only true protagonists and slandering them publicly with a sense of pride? They have lost even their most rudimentary identity: their race.

The church has abandoned their understanding of race in this postmodernist era in fear of being labeled a racist. In placing fear in the world, they have lost a major component required for proper reverence to the Lord. How, then, can they be trusted to lead fellow believers if the moral compass is no longer driven from the Word of God, but rather from man? Have they forgotten where Wisdom itself comes from?

We are told that the “fear of the Lord is the beginning of Wisdom,” and that “knowledge of the Holy One is understanding.” Often, one will hear the first half of this verse and move on wrongly assuming “I fear God, so I must be wise in my ways!” I believe the second half is beyond necessary to mention here, as it further explain that understanding can only take place after the knowledge of the Holy One is present. Wisdom may be had, but understanding it to act upon it cannot take place until we both accept our place with God in His all-encompassing wisdom, and that He cares enough to bestow it upon us. Knowledge is power, remember. Would any good caring parent give control of something potentially dangerous to their child, if the child were not yet ready?

In the end, our religious leaders have succumb to the temptation that we all face: secularization. Though they may have flaws, we must not ignore our own flaws, and continue to fight against these temptations of the flesh. Becoming the new leaders,and not only having wisdom, but the understanding of how to act upon it. So that when the question and nuances to life circumstances land at our feet, we may be prepared to handle them with a knowledge and power greater than the one we hold in the flesh alone. Denouncing diversity, as it is escalating to a civil war of sorts, and restoring our own identity not only as Christians, but also in our race and heritage. For surely there can be no good in ignoring this thorn in the side of our people – both in flesh and in spirit.

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  1. I think the leftists, even Christian leftists (basically mainstream), don’t even fear God (the first part). They’ve been lured into brushing off abominations like homosexuality.


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