White’s “To-Do List of Guilt”

Throughout the short lifespan of the United States, and particularly since the World Wars, European descendants have catered to the every whim of minorities in the name of “diversity.” When does it end? When will it end? Better yet, can it end? What walls remain between the races? What social constructs, government establishments or sheer ignorant people of power stand to uphold these tensions throughout the West?

The “whites of the world,” primarily white Americans, have been assured that the “remaining walls between race relations” will crumble and fade if we just “do this one last thing…” This one last thing however becomes another, and another, and another. We see many powerful examples of this in the last century, minus the abolishment of slavery which was more like a century-and-a-half, but it would be amiss to not at least give it a shout out here.

Examples of these so called “race-wall wrecking balls” can be seen in the promotion of diversity in government positions. The proposed idea that diversity in the government is ideal, as it best reflects the diversity of the citizens. This is all fine and well for those looking to be inclusive when also considering credentials, however in this inclusivity, whites will be excluded as they already comprise many of these jobs. The fallacious logic against whites here seems to imply that there are “enough already,” and will turn down white newcomers – qualifications being ignored – because of it.

What about the whole concept of white-genocide by birth rate and immigration? Birth rate being the entirety of the 20th century claiming that the world is overpopulated, only to be countered with no explanation by this need for diversity and not having enough in the early 21st century. Their solution? Mass immigration from the non-white and third-world countries. This, of course, not being a mutually agreed upon immigration policy, but an unbalanced incentivised one to the newcomers with the tax-payers money.

The immigration conversation is one that I could ramble on about with statistics and historical evidence for quite some time. To keep this focused merely on the concepts of the “white guilt to-do list,” I will conclude this simple list with one final statement. One statement that the enemy once touted as the ultimate “race equality,” but has since forgotten and is only adding more to their inexorably horrendous list. They got a black president.

What is the next thing whites are tasked with fixing now? Guilt. Given that our ancestors have created or fixed most everything that is good in the West, there really is not much left to “fix.” This has lead to the idea that there is a “white privilege” and that whites are to feel guilty – even belittling themselves drastically – because of the narrative that they are the “bane of human existence.”

Whites, by definition, are those with a predominantly European genetic heritage, though the enemy-at-large is not attacking by genetics alone. They are not even targeting by character, but by sheer color of skin and differing ideologies. We see them expanding their scope on who they will target, and appeasing to their every demands have only made issues worse. When, then, will whites and those of our similar beliefs stand up and say “no more” to this chaos? One more yes-man move may be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

In other words, race relations are crumbling, but whites are not to blame. From abolishing slavery to adhering to every desire of the anti-whites we have let into this once great country. Be proud of your heritage; and reclaim your dignity by not fearing the use of the word “no!” as their list grows longer.  

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