Super Bowl Movie Trailers Recap

Happy Black History Month everyone! Or, as it is more recently known, White Guilt Month.

Regardless of what you perceive it to be, this month had some solid movie trailers and marketing tactics seen during the 2018 Super Bowl. We watched the Philadelphia Eagles take on the New England Patriots in a game that, even not being a football fan myself, I will say was pretty well played. Ultimately ending with pleased Eagles fans and movie buffs alike.

This week I want to delve deeper into some of these that caught my eye. To name one that is for sure on my list, The Cloverfield Parodox. Other than that, review the trailers and mark some predictions for these movies in bulk. In case you missed it, I will list out the movie trailers we saw below with the links attached.

I have written a piece on what I an hopeful and fearful for in the Solo: A Star Wars Story, so that obviously caught my eye the most. Of the new trailers though, none really stuck out as something I will never watch, which is a hopeful thought to have this 2018 movie year.

Enjoy binging some trailers and have a great week, everyone

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