The Open House (a Netflix Review)

The Open House

There is really only one way to explain this movie to someone interested in watching it.

  1. A heaping pile of subplots.
  2. Said heaping pile of subplots never being explored (aside from the teasing of their existence).
  3. And an omnipotent murderer on the loose because where else do you draw tension from?

That’s a bit harsh, I know; but if you choose to waste your time watching it such as myself, you’ll understand completely. This movie is one of those examples that you watch and realize that Netflix pumping out a movie a week, or at least it feels that way, cannot continue being great forever.

As you can tell by my negativity thus-far, this will be a brief review.

The basic premise of the movie is actually interesting, and if done again I may watch it just to see that executed better. It basically follows a family living in a house for sale, hence the title, then starting and leaving subplots to dry, not explaining what really is going on at all. Then you’re in the final scene as it is well on its way to wrapping up and bam! Now you know. Sort of. Murderer on the loose? Up until this point I was actually hopeful that the movie would go somewhere with the plot and do something that paid off. A sort of Fight Club experience where the movie is alright, but that ending makes it so memorable and you recommend it to all of your friends! (Ironically enough, given the first rule of Fight Club…)

I wasn’t a huge fan of 13 Reasons Why, but Dylan Minnette – on the momentum from that series’ success so far – did pretty well. I would liken his performance to the quality seen in Don’t Breathe, which was an excellent suspense thriller. I just don’t feel he was given a great movie platform to shine on. There was just too much open endedness to this film that it does not necessarily stir your imagination, but rather leaves you uninterested and forgetting it quickly.

Throughout this film I was not sure if there was a crazy prison escapee, a spiritual underlining to it, or someone was just pulling pranks. This drug on for so long that I ended up having no preference to which it would be, just praying for the credits to roll. I do not personally recommend The Open House, so I am going to give this a “leave it out of the queue.”

Oh wait, I forgot something else that explains the movie: blatantly obvious setup for a sequel in case this one did well.

Which, by all counts… it didn’t.

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